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Update, April 24, This article was originally published on January 3,when hot-rodder Don Groff was still in the process of assembling his home-built V sports car. This week, Nth Moto, the Minneapolis MN tuning shop assisting Groff, uploaded the following video of Groff taking his now-complete hot-rod on a shakedown drive. We get to see and hear Groff's V engine powering his vehicle for the very first time.

It's magnificent:. Below is our original article as it was published in Januarywhen Groff's hot rod was still under construction.

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We can't wait to bring you more updates on this exciting and entirely unique creation. Recently, while cruising YouTube, I came across this video.

Uploaded by Nth Moto, a racing and tuning shop in Minneapolis, MNit shows a V12 engine being fired up for the first time. That's exciting in itself, but it becomes far more enticing when you learn a little more about it. See, this V12 engine was made by melding two Toyota 1JZ 2. And it was almost entirely home-built by a long-time hot-rodder with unconventional tastes and amazing fabrication skills.

The year-old retired designer of manufacturing equipment is explaining how, and why, he turned two straight-six motors into one 5. There are 13 oil drain-back holes in the block. Those are what I used to bolt the cylinders to the crankcase. Groff wanted even firing pulses and inside-the-vee exhaust routing—the latter to let folks know immediately that this wasn't a factory production V These design considerations meant angling the cylinder banks degrees apart.

He mounted the right-side cylinder head backwards, modifying it so the cam gears stayed at the front of the engine. Groff laid out a new crankshaft, each rod journal now carrying two connecting rods instead of one, with oiling details and machining handled by Scat. That might be why they sound so good. Most folks start an engine project with a clear idea of the vehicle it's going into. Groff went about it the other way. While working on chassis design, he determined the engine was far too wide for an offset layout.

What resulted was the mid-engine open-wheel single-seater you see here, the engine attached to a Corvette six-speed manual transaxle. Aside from some precision machining of the engine blocks and heads, and a custom wiring harness and initial ECU programming by Nth Moto, every piece of the project was done by Groff himself. The target is horsepower.Maybe you just want to learn more about the JZ engine family. As you may have guessed, the 1JZ came before the 2JZ, and it came in a few different forms.

Regardless of the engine dressings, it was always a 2. The 7MGTE was a great engine, but it suffered from numerous cylinder head issues. The 2JZ shares most of the components from the 1JZ, the biggest difference in the displacement. The 2JZ retains the 86mm bore that the 1JZ has, but its stroke is increased from This provides a better equal medium between low-end torque and high-end horsepower.

One turbo gives low rpm power, the second turbo comes on at a later RPM to increase power in a very linear fashion. After hours of searching through forums, I found the most stock dyno graphs possible. Both use 91 octane, stock everything, and non-tuned. Notice how the 1JZ dyno graph shows the horsepower continually going up.

This is great for track use. The power is predictable when getting on and off of the throttle. This is great for street use because power is available when you need.

I can tell you that they respond to modifications nearly identically. The 2JZ, of course, will make a little bit more power and torque thanks to its extra displacement.

What car has a 1jzgte engine 2.5?

How to engine responds greatly depends on the size of the turbo. Generally speaking, a 2JZ making whp is going to respond better the throttle inputs than a 1JZ making similar power.

This is once again a great attribute of the increased stroke of the 2JZ. Parts are nearly identical in price as well. The most commons upgrades would be a single turbo setup.

The factory turbos have issues when the boost is turned up at all.

1jz cars

Contrary to what most people believe, the 1JZ and the 2JZ are pretty much equally as strong. Their connecting rods are identical other than the length since the 2JZ has a longer stroke. The crank and pistons are pretty much equally as strong as well.

The reason most people think that the 2JZ is stronger is that it can hold up to higher power levels. But, they fail to account for the extra displacement. Generally speaking the 1JZ stock bottom end is good for about horsepower, and the stock 2JZ bottom end is good for about horsepower. You would think that the 2JZ would be stronger than right? Both are some of the strongest factory engines to ever come in a production automobile.

Very few engines in the world can hold up to 1, horsepower or more. Being cool and unique is something that can be underrated in the automotive world. But, what about the 1JZ and the 2JZ? Rarity is arguably the biggest part of the cool factor.

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In regards to rarity, the 1JZ is rarer here in the US. This is because we never actually got it in any of our cars. The sound is also something fairly important to how cool these engines are.Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts New profile posts Latest activity.

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How a Hot-Rodder Home-Built a Twin-Turbo V12 From Two Toyota 1JZs

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Status Not open for further replies. Authorized Seller. I have noticed a lot of the 1JZ information is not as accurate as it used to be. The common parts that are interchangeable with the 2JZ are the easy ones to find and we know they fit.

I cannot comment on JZ swap into other cars as I have not done enough of them to know everything. Please keep comments and questions after reading this whole post and any recommendations can be done through PM.

The engine and body harness were different for certain years and so were the engine mounts and brackets. You will need the motor set and all of its electrical parts.

Certain things will need to be changed for fitment and simplicity such as the oil pan and water pump. You will need a 1JZ bellhousing and flywheel which can be used on the 2JZ too. You should upgrade to the higher flow Walbro fuel pump as it will support the higher boost levels a lot better than the stock pump. The toughest part about this swap will be converting your harness to plug into your car. You can send it to Dr.

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If you are scared of wiring, send your harness to him. The stock MA70 is not wired correctly and will cause the car to stall when shifting gears. You will need to use this diagram. Last edited: Jul 28, No Way Man. Staff member. Super Moderator. Joined Apr 17, Messages 12, Location Tokyo,jp. Please contact Andy Iboughtasupra if you have questions or have more info to be changed or added. Grumpy Old Man Authorized Seller. Joined Mar 30, Messages 38, Location I come from a land down under.

Top Bottom.The 1JZ engine was fitted to many models of Toyota and Lexus, from family oriented models to the more sporty models such as the Supra. The 1JZ engine was a naturally aspirated 6 cylinder 2. A later turbo charged model was introduced with a GTE suffix and this makes an interesting proposition for the tuner.

It was replaced in with the 4GR-FSE engine, to help meet ever tightening emissions regulations and requirements.

Whilst it is possible it is not really cost effective, especially when you can source a 2JZ or 1JZ-GTE engine with a turbo installed and drop this straight in. If you insist on turbocharging you need to reduce the compression ratio, modify the head slightly and add an aftermarket ECU to control the fuelling and turbo. Essentially you will commit to a costly strip down and rebuild of the engine.

So it makes economic sense to do an engine swap if you are looking for forced induction rather than converting your existing engine. When talking about the best optimum for your 1JZ engine, we are going to tuning mods that give the biggest return for your cash.

Significant gains can be made from cam upgrades. Motorsport cams, push up the high end rpm power band but as a result the car will not idle smoothly and low end power nearly always suffers. A longer valve duration can alter the torque band and on most engines the exhaust and intake durations do not need to match, although most cams and tuners use matched pairs there are some advantages to extending the intake or exhaust durations.

Intake take the air during the suck phase from the air filter and allow it to be drawn into the engine cylinders. Structure and rate of flow of the Intake can make a noticeable difference to to fuel atomisation and engine efficiency on the 1JZ. We often see headers are begging for aftermarket tuning parts, although a few OEM provide reasonably good headers. Fitting big valve kits, carrying out port matching and head flowing will also improve torque, the fantastic side effect is it will raise potential for a better torque increase on other tuning mods.

Fitting lower compression pistons, rods and sorting out the oil flow to the turbo are essential considerations, ideally you should also fit forged parts for added strength and resilience. Thankfully these engines are very robust and reliable but there are a few things to look out for. The VVT System can be problematic if not properly maintained and serviced, this usually causes a rough idle at first and later misfires and non starting issues.

High oil consumption on older engines is usually down to worn valves and pistons, replace this if there is excessive smoke. You should be able to lift power to around bhp on most 1JZ engines, with the right modifications. Get a gas flowed cylinder head and port and polish the intake and exhaust to maximize flow through the engine.

Fast road cams will give more peak power but if the profile is too aggressive you will suffer from a lumpy idle and the car will be hard to drive in traffic. A sports exhaust and high flow catalyst will also help the engine to make more power.Adult owned, Car is in good shape for its age.

Runs and drives great. It really needs emanage or aem to The vehicle runs great and is mainly used for weekend drives. Seller's Notes The car has a 1JZ Contact Donald if interested, text. Thanks for looking. The title is in my name and it will accompany the title transfer form Supra, nissan, toyota, 2jz, 1jzg35, g The car is in perfect running Equipped with independent rear suspension, 1JZ -GE Equipped with independent rear suspension, the 1JZ -GEinline With only 74, original Miles this is truly a rare find.

This model is equipped with the 1JZ -GEinline Please Call First for location and talk to Exhaust is RSR downpipe back, drive shaft was upgraded to a single piece steel.

Rear end upgraded to 3. JDM 1jz Equipped with independent rear suspension, 2. Strong running engine, decent interior, needs paint work. Was my project car, was planning on doing a ALSO includes Get notified when we have new listings available for 1jz. We use cookies to personalize your experience. More info. Trovit 1jz. X x Receive the latest car listings by email. Receive new listings by email 1jz.

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Reduced Price! Similar searches "1jz": x5 50imarcedeszr1take over 5th wheel1 ton dually diesel 5th wheelriviera Carexportamerica 6 days ago. Report View car. Autabuy 3 days ago. Carexportamerica 5 days ago.Super clean with only 35, miles. The paint on this Soarer is in fantastic condition, along with the interior. She runs and drives great! The engine bay is immaculate and unmolested. The chassis is one in the same!

If you are looking for a really nice car to start your build with or just a good daily driver look no further. Here is your chance to buy a JDM legend! Ready for pick up in Rustburg VA or we can arrange shipment to your door. This car is extremely rust free! She is ready for the track, car shows or your daily driver. If you are looking to buy a quality car in great condition come see us because we only import the best! I wish I could give Driver Motorsports starts!

With their help i was able to purchase my dream car! It was in even better shape than i could have hoped for!

Your 1JZ-GTE And 2JZ-GTE Swap Guide For Dummies

Its almost mint condition and its 28 yrs old! These guys really put in their time and effort to only bring over and sell the best cars around! I will definitely be buying from you guys again in the future! Driver Motorsports was hands d Drivetrain Engine Size:. Please private message, text or email us for financing options. Call or text Chris: e-mail: drivermotorsports gmail.

Basic Year Miles 35, Vin JZZ Stock DM Transmission Type Automatic. Body Body Style Coupe. Last name. Your form has been successfully submitted!Dear Customers, please note that our logistical operations are not affected by coronavirus situation and all purchased vehicles are shipped or being prepared for shipping in the normal order. Japan has one of the highest hygiene standards in the world making it possible to continue business with Japan even in the times when other countries are on lock down.

Our offices are working as usual so please feel free to order any cars you may like on our site or the auction. Thank you for being our customer! RO-RO shipment is the most convenient and usually cheapest option. Available for the most major port. If you buy more than one vehicle we can fit 2 small cars in one 20ft container and cars in one 40ft container. If you are wholesale buyer shipment in containers may be even more profitable. If you buy cars for parts to be dismantled, tractors, forklifts and other machinery, containerized shipment is the only available option.

Coronavirus update. Sorting options. Stock No: add to watchlist. Year miles 66, kmType coupe Trans. AT Displ. Year mileskmType sedan Trans. Year mileskmType coupe Trans. Toyota Mark II 2. Year miles 32, km 52, Type sedan Trans. Year miles 91, kmType sedan Trans. Year miles 50, km 81, Type sedan Trans.

Year miles 69, kmType sedan Trans. Year miles 43, km 70, Type sedan Trans.

1jz cars

Year miles 87, kmType sedan Trans. Year miles 65, kmType sedan Trans. Year miles 45, km 72, Type sedan Trans. Year miles 43, km 69, Type sedan Trans.

1jz cars

Year miles 45, km 73, Type sedan Trans. Year miles 53, km 85, Type sedan Trans. Year miles 70, kmType sedan Trans.

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