River crossing game level 8

Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist. In this fun and challenging game, you will find a complete collection of all known river crossing logic problems, plus some completely new riddles that you will not find anywhere else.

River Crossing Challenges

You may have heard about the farmer who must take a wolf, a goat, and some cabbage across a river, or a version featuring a fox, a goose, and a bag of beans. Those are the classic river crossing puzzles. They are popular and well known, and they are all included in this game, along with many more new levels involving chess pieces, a farmer with cows and special levels designed only for geniuses. River crossing puzzles and their many variants represent ways of dressing up relatively straightforward mathematical problems.

They invite attempts at a solution that range from trial and error to extensive mathematical analysis. These puzzles are frequently used in job interviews. They are also taught to children in schools along with chess to boost their IQs and improve their critical thinking, mathematical problem-solving, and strategy development.

Your goal in every level is to move all of the characters across the river while observing certain rules and restrictions. Once you have completed a level, you will receive one star for level completion.

You can obtain an additional star if you finish the level in the minimum number of moves, and another if you finish the level in a set time that varies from level to level. Try your best, work as quickly as you can, and keep your number of moves low to earn more stars. Your total number of stars will help you access more advanced levels.

If you like playing chess and solving logic puzzles, then you are all set for new challenges. But unlike chess, you can play this game alone and have a lot of fun. Reviews Review Policy.

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river crossing game level 8

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River Crossing Challenge - Level 1

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Visit Our Developers Site. Tired of ads on Kongregate? You can now be Ad-Free! To play games on Kongregate, you must have Javascript enabled! Game By: Unicornaphobist.Difficulty Popularity A guard is positioned at the one side of bridge say 'A'.

The guard comes out of his post every 1 hour and looks down the bridge for any people trying to leave. Monica a brilliant girl is at side 'A' and wish to go to other side 'B'. She also know's it would take her hr to cross the river.

She comes with an super idea and able to cross the river. How did Monica cross the river? Steps 1. Monica go from side A to B for approx 59 minutes 2.

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Lisa then move back to side A for 2 minutes to fool guard. Now guard will think she is coming to side A. Difficulty Popularity 2 ladies and 2 girls need to cross a river in a boat big enough for 1 LADY or 2 girls. How do they do it? Difficulty Popularity Four people need to cross a dark river at night. What is the shortest time needed for all four of them to cross the river? How long would that take? Is that it? That would make this question too simple even as a warm up question.

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Let's brainstorm a little further. To reduce the amount of time, we should find a way for 10 and 7 to go together. If they cross together, then we need one of them to come back to get the others.

That would not be ideal. How do we get around that? Maybe we can have 1 waiting on the other side to bring the torch back. Ahaa, we are getting closer. The fastest way to get 1 across and be back is to use 2 to usher 1 across. So let's put all this together. Difficulty Popularity This one is a bit of tricky river crossing puzzle than you might have solved till now. We have a whole family out on a picnic on one side of the river. The family includes Mother and Father, two sons, two daughters, a maid and a dog.

The bridge broke down and all they have is a boat that can take them towards the other side of the river. But there is a condition with the boat. It can hold just two persons at one time count the dog as one person. No it does not limit to that and there are other complications. How will all of them reach the other side of the river? Let us assume that all of them are standing on the X shore and they have to travel to the Y shore.Each puzzle requires you to get all of the characters across a river in a small boat.

The boat can cross the river many times to get everyone across. Can you solve the puzzle in the smallest number of moves? To get to the place they want to have lunch, they must cross a canal, but the only way to get to the other side is to a small boat.

Unfortunately, the boat can only hold three things, regardless of size. The cats are very anxious creatures and cannot tolerate another person, even for a moment, unless its owner is present. Left alone, the cats get along very well with each other. One of the cats is a tiger and has been trained to operate a boat, but the other cats lack this ability, All five family members can operate the boat.

How can the five family members and their five cats cross the canal? Do you have any comments? It is always useful to receive feedback and helps make this free resource even more useful for those learning Mathematics anywhere in the world. Click here to enter your comments. There are three river crossing puzzles. Choose a river crossing puzzle above. You can earn a Transum trophy for each puzzle you complete.

Barbara Hermann, Monday, November 21, " What if you had a family of five is on vacation in the Netherlands with their five pet cats each person owns a cat.River crossing puzzles are a classic form of logic puzzle. In them, you're provided with a scenario—some number of entities trying to cross a river using a raft or boat—and a set of constraints typically, some of the entities might eat each other under certain circumstances. In the TED-Ed video belowwe tackle a variant of the puzzle in which a group totaling six, three lions and three wildebeest, need to cross a river using a raft.

Only two animals can go at once. The problem is, if the lions ever outnumber the wildebeest, they'll eat them. How can they all cross the river? The larger question of this puzzle is how should we solve such puzzles?

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In the video, the narrator walks through this solution, but explains how it can be generalized by drawing up decision trees. At each step of the puzzle, you lay out all the possible options, then cross out any that don't work. As you proceed, the set of possibilities dwindle until you're left with only a few viable paths. The raft needs at least one animal to paddle it across the river, and it can hold at most two animals.

If the lions ever outnumber the wildebeest on either side of the river including the animals in the boat if it's on that sidethey'll eat the wildebeest. The animals can't just swim across, and there are no tricks; the animals have to use the boat as described. BY Chris Higgins. Here are the conditions for this puzzle also listed in the video : 1. Subscribe to our Newsletter!Do you have some free time on your hands and want to find something to stimulate your brain?

If yes, the Japanese IQ Test is a good game to consider. Many IQ tests cover these areas and they are always done in a certain amount of time. You could do a number of things to increase your IQ, such as reading, doing puzzles and even playing games. The Japanese-based IQ test game is very popular right now. Of all these people, only the policeman and parents know about operating the raft and it is only built to hold two individuals at a time. While doing this test, the two sons cannot be left with the mother alone, the daughters cannot be left with father, and of course, the criminal has to stay in the presence of the policeman at all times.

The goal is to get everyone to one section of the river onto the other side using the raft. Where it gets complex is in the added set of rules about the persons who can stay on the river banks.

river crossing iq logic 8 solution

It is said that a Japanese company designed this test specifically to assess the IQ of all potential employees. This is especially true in the IT field in Japan where it is used by the companies when hiring people.

river crossing game level 8

Even though the test is challenging, one cannot help but wonder if this is just another urban legend or maybe another brain teaser that someone made up.

You should really give this free IQ test a try if you are feeling smart. It is a version of the classic puzzles called River Crossing, but probably one of the most challenging that you will ever come across. Based on the feedback from others, it is said that a person of normal intelligence can solve it in fifteen minutes.

River Crossing Challenge - Level 2

When you are ready to start, you can click on the button below and then on the blue circle. After that, you would focus on how to get the people on as well as off the raft, plus how to get the raft going.

For this, you just have to click on the persons you want to cross on the raft.

river crossing game level 8

Once this is done, you would click on the lever beside the raft in order to move it cross the river. Now get ready to play the game to test out your intelligence and have a good time. A good recommendation is to measure the time from start to finish.By rookie1jaJuly 7, in River Crossing Puzzles. Below is just a picture. If you wish, you can play the game online. This old topic is locked since it was answered many times.

You can check solution in the Spoiler below. Pls visit New Puzzles section to see always fresh brain teasers.

Police OfficerThief. Police OfficerBoy 1. Police OfficerGirl 2. If the policeman is a kid too certainly looks like thatthen the solution would be that mom crosses the thief which looks like a girl to me first thief is then alone, and causes no troublethen dad crosses the policeman policeman guards thief, so there will be no troubleafter that, each of the parents can simply cross any of the kids of their own gender.

On the last pass, mom and dad cross together. The other alternative would be to turn it around completely, crossing the thief last, and the policeman right before that.

EDIT: the policeman is an adult, as the question states This all goes down the drain! It can be done, but it's easy to make mistakes with this one if you're not careful I LUV it!?!

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It is believed that this test is solved in around 15mins in Japan. I got this puzzle couple of months back and it was easy for me to solve. But some of my friends found it difficult to solve.

I like these kind of puzzles. River Crossing Puzzles Search In. Recommended Posts. Report post.

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